Addiction Recovery Accommodations


Addiction Recovery Accommodations

Long Term Drug Rehab in NC

At Changing Tides we recognize that many times people seeking treatment need to leave their homes.  We have set up our program to be a comfortable living environment for our clients as a home away from home.  The housing is right across the street from the ocean and is in a peaceful environment.  Clients will only be staying feet away from where the treatment program is, so there will be no commute.  We have set up the property so that it is an environment that is conducive to recovery.  We consider our facility to be a sanctuary along the shore.

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At Changing Tides we have private rooms available for clients who prefer to have their own room.  We also have family style suites, some afford clients to have their own bedroom and some provide a shared spacious bedroom with one other client.  Whether a client is in a family style or private living space, kitchens are included for meal preparations.  Each room, unless it is a private bedroom will also include a living room space for clients to sit together and watch TV, read, complete assignments, etc.  Changing tides affords clients privacy and confidentiality in a secluded and peaceful area in order to recover from addiction.  Another unique aspect of our program is that we do allow some pets to accompany their owners while at Changing Tides.  For more information about specific requirements please contact our admissions department.  Please note that we do not allow any violent or aggressive animals.