Changing Tides guideline are implemented with the client, staff and community in mind. Here are some of the key rules that we want to ensure potential clients are aware of prior to their admission:

  • Clients must enter into treatment voluntarily and should be committed to the recovery process.
  • No drugs, alcohol or weapons are tolerated on the property at any time for any reason.
  • Clients who have a criminal history of violence or sexual crimes will not be permitted into the program.
  • No visitors unless otherwise authorized by the clinical team.  Family visits must be scheduled in advance, no impromptu visits.
  • Clients will not be allowed in the opposite gender’s living quarter for any reason at any time.
  • Clients may have their vehicle on the property but will be asked to turn in their keys until they are approved for vehicle use.
  • Clients may bring their cell phones, laptops and other electronics.  These items should not interfere with the therapeutic aspect of treatment.  All electronics should be turned in to staff at curfew until otherwise approved for use a night; Changing Tides staff members will store these items securely.
  • Clients may not have their identification cards/driver’s license, credit/debit cards or excessive amounts of money on their person until they are approved to do so.  These items will also be securely stored by the staff.
  • Romantic or intimate relationships between clients are prohibited.  Romantic relationships within the first year of recovery are not recommended and will not be supported by Changing Tides.

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